A10 Networks, Inc: The A-One Network Securers

A10 Networks, Inc: The A-One Network Securers

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Lee Chen, Founder & CEO, A10 Networks, IncLee Chen, Founder & CEO Although it is an alma-matter now when it comes to the evolution of cyber attack strategies, 2016 2016 witnessed the resurgence of traditional attack strategies, blended with new twists, that the world was ill prepared to defend. Leading this advancement were IoT-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. That theory played out in the numbers, too. There was a 71 percent year-over-year increase in DDoS attacks from Q3 2015 to Q3 2016, yet the standard attack was still under 100 Gbps. To stop the attacks, companies needed to gain insight into encrypted data; to gain insight into encrypted data, they needed a dedicated security platform that can decrypt SSL/TLS traffic and send it to the security stack for inspection in cleartext. By providing Reliable Security Always™ through a range of high-performance solutions that enable intelligent automation with deep machine learning, A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) ensured—in this time of need—that business critical applications are protected, reliable and always available.

Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in San Jose, Calif., and serves customers globally with offices worldwide through its on-premises and cloud-based security solutions for the most challenging network environments. Companies can automatically defend applications and services, in real time, before they are exploited by advanced cyberattacks. Reduce business risk by protecting applications and infrastructure against malicious cyberattacks, including multi-vector DDoS attacks and encrypted assaults.

Protection Against Escalating Web Threats

A10 Networks specializes in AIdriven application and network security solutions delivering ML-based and automated DDoS protection, high performance SSL visibility, hyperscale 5G security and secure application delivery in multi-cloud environments. These application and network security solutions work cohesively to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks at the network edge and decrypt SSL traffic for analyzing and mitigating SSL-based attacks. A10 Networks also empowers clients with secure application delivery that offers integrated security controls for protecting applications. A10 Networks leverages AI and ML capabilities to protect the client infrastructure from ever-evolving cyber-attacks. A10 Networks provides better insights into attacks by proactively tracking information from various cyber weapons across the globe.

Through its comprehensive network security solutions and its partnership with Extreme Networks, companies can detect and stop external threats from infiltrating the corporate network. They can overcome many of the challenges introduced by the growth in internet traffic and by the rise of modern, feature-rich cloud applications and workloads. Further, A10 Networks allow its clients to scale for increased traffic, often with long-lived, persistent connections to cloud applications, while also enhancing the existing security infrastructure.

Inspecting Encrypted Traffic Efficiently

A10 Networks has developed the most scalable DDoS mitigation platform with a smaller form factor than what the competitors are delivering.
The company’s industry leading scale, performance and constant innovation has resulted in them being the only vendor for DDoS mitigation for the entire Microsoft Azure cloud. A10 Networks has also developed the Harmony™ Controller—a centralized agile management, automation, and analytics solution—for secure application services deployment over various underlying infrastructures. This tool helps organizations to efficiently automate deployment and operations of application services, simplify the management of distributed application services, receive alerts on security anomalies, and much more. “The Harmony Controller is a game changer and one-of-its-kind offering that presents advanced security, visibility, per app-analytics and troubleshooting capabilities for complex multi-cloud environments. We collect intelligence from various sources and add it to the Harmony Controller to ultimately provide a complete view of the network security statistics,” says Lee Chen, the founder and CEO of A10 Networks.

The company’s SL/TLS inspection solution ensures your entire security infrastructure has visibility into encrypted traffic, while retaining optimal performance. It augment and enhance your enterprise security by adding inline, passive and ICAP-integrated devices to the “secure decrypt zone,” where each device can detect malware attacks and other cyber threats in unencrypted traffic and stop them. A10 Networks’ inspection product Thunder SSLi eliminates the blind spot introduced by SSL encryption by offloading CPU-intensive SSL decryption and encryption functions from third-party security devices, while ensuring compliance with privacy standards.

Similar to the gaming industry, the DDoS protection needs to be very sophisticated, and be able to keep any volumetric attacks from entering the network

While dedicated security devices provide in-depth inspection and analysis of network traffic, they are not designed to decrypt and encrypt traffic at high speeds. In fact, many security products do not have the ability to decrypt traffic at all. Thunder SSLi boosts the performance of the security infrastructure by decrypting traffic and forwarding it to one or more third-party security devices, such as a firewall for deep packet inspection (DPI). Further, A10 Harmony™ Controller provides centralized management and rich analytics for multiple Thunder devices from multiple branch offices into one centralized and condensed console. Distributed Thunder devices can be configured and managed through Harmony Controller from a central location. Harmony Controller can display either individual Thunder device statistics or as a aggregated into an intuitive dashboard for faster troubleshooting and rich analytics.

Masteing DDoS through Precision Protection

On the DDoS defence spectrum, A10 Networks brings key capabilities and market leadership in the critical areas of precision, automation, performance and scalability that can lower CAPEX, OPEX and increase ROI. The company’s One-DDoS Protection provides full spectrum DDoS protection by placing detection capabilities across key networks elements including A10’s Thunder ADC, CGN and CFW. These capabilities provides the context, packet level granularity and visibility needed to thwart today’s sophisticated targeted attacks. The distributed DDoS detectors work in concert with aGalaxy and Thunder TPS for centralized mitigation that delivers fast and cost effective DDoS resilience.
Thunder TPS DDoS solutions provides a complete solution for DDoS defenses in proactive always-on or ondemand reactive modes to meet their business objectives. Thunder TPS can be deployed in L2 or L3 inpath modes with full IPv4 and IPv6 support. On-demand reactive DDoS detection is facilitated with the collection and analysis of exported flow data records from routers and switches. In an instance, Leaseweb initially deployed A10 Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System) across its European scrubbing centres, and based on the success, expanded the protection to its U.S. and Asian operations.

Premier Extreme Networks Partner

What really differentiates A10 Networks is its partnership with Extreme Networks and how that allows the company to optimize north-south traffic flows in global data centre interconnect DCI scenarios through VM and topology awareness. This also improves data centre security by leveraging distributed threat response to protect against suspicious server threats and optimal resource utilization through the integration with the Extreme Networks SDN platform. The company is a part of the Extreme Networks’ Technology Solutions Partner (TSP) Program, which is a consortium of technology leaders committed to accelerating IT innovation through open, standards based and flexible, high performance network architectures.

"The Harmony Controller is a game changer and one-of-its-kind offering that presents advanced security, visibility, per app-analytics and troubleshooting capabilities for complex multi-cloud environments"

Leveraging Extreme Networks SDN architecture—which integrates the award-winning OneFabric Control Center, OneController OpenDaylight and OneFabric Connect SDN API—the TSP program focuses on integration, validation and interoperability with technology leaders in the areas of mobility, security, SDN, IT operations, data center, cloud, analytics and convergence. TSP member companies include names such as Microsoft Palo Alto Networks, AirWatch by VMware, along with A10 Networks, NetOptics/IXIA and Sanbolic.

Securing the Future of a Smart World

Having carved a unique niche with their partnership with Extreme Networks, the question arises what kind of future awaits for A10 Networks? According to Chen, “Similar to the gaming industry and gaming networks, autonomous vehicles need super clean connectivity because now we’re talking about life and death. With 5G networks, the opportunity to update the software in autonomous cars is really great. I think autonomous car usage will be popular although I don’t know when. These cars absolutely need protection, because if somehow the network is compromised the risk is very high. Similar to the gaming industry, the DDoS protection needs to be very sophisticated, and be able to keep any volumetric attacks from entering the network. This DDoS detection and mitigation needs to be quick and automated via intelligent automation.”

In the time to come, Chen’s philosophy is not to focus on the competition but rather to challenge his team from within. With a mentality of constant improvement, Chen aims to create an environment in which everyone is constantly striving for improvement. A10 Networks has achieved great success already, and it would be easy to sit back and focus on maintaining what Chen and his team have built since the company’s founding in 2004. However, Chen is constantly challenging his team to remain focused as entrepreneurs, take risks and maintain the frame of mind of a start-up company

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