Advanced Wireless: Reliable Networking Solutions

Advanced Wireless: Reliable Networking Solutions

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Darryl Morin, President & CEO, Advanced WirelessDarryl Morin, President & CEO
With over 20 billion connected devices globally, organizations are being forced to onboard new users and a growing number of devices on a regular basis, consuming more and more valuable bandwidth, all while trying to ensure a positive end-user experience and maintaining network security. This is causing IT professionals to rethink their approach to selecting network technology and equally important, selecting the right technology partner. From scalability, to reliability and performance, to integrated security, the list of requirements is growing while trying to manage the challenge with fixed budgets.

For these reasons more and more industry leaders have turned to Franklin, Wisconsin based Advanced Wireless, Inc. (AWI). AWI has been assisting customers address these issues for more than 24 years.A partner with Zebra Technologies, Axis Communications, Soti, Barracuda and CyberPower, AWI is a champion of Extreme Networks Fabric wired and Wireless Next Generation (WiNG) technologies. AWI has implemented their solutions among manufacturers, distributors, retailers, school districts and government bodies. “At the end of the day, our customers know their networks will always be available, providing a great user experience, and are secure. Extreme Networks technology allows us to do just that, simply, effectively and in a cost-effective manner,” stated Darryl Morin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Wireless, Inc.

AWI true expertise is in designing, implementing and supporting wired/ wireless networks for stationary, nomadic and mobile devices ranging from industrial mobile computing, bar code scanners, IP-based video and wireless VoIP solutions. “Before any component can be included in an AWI design, it must first pass a number of performance, reliability, interoperability and management tests in our AWI lab,” added Morin. With this proven process and delivery of best-of-breed technology, AWI solutions are in 14 countries around the globe.

“Since before there was Wi-Fi, our engineers were designing, implementing and supporting mobile computing and wireless networking solutions in some of the harshest RF environments.
We have more than two decades of experience with wireless technology and today we are implementing Extreme Networks solutions more and more, as it provides unmatched performance, security and availability to our customers,” says Darryl Morin, president, and CEO of Advanced Wireless. David Savage, Extreme Networks Regional Sales Director added “AWI is a valued business partner that offers exceptional wireless experience and expertise. We trust AWI to deliver our industry leading solutions to some of our most valued customers including True Value and Crate & Barrel”

AWI provides a comprehensive suite of services ranging from needs analysis and design, to its wireless infrastructure analysis services, to staging and deployment services all backed by their24x7x365 technical support services.

AWI works with its customers to expedite implementation while minimizing impact on operations. “We started the project 1/25/19 and completed by 2/12/19. We configured policies, DHCP settings and installed 815 AP’s in 40 buildings. Downtime was minimal with buildings being offline for short periods of time. Most of the installs started prior to the start of the school day which eliminated downtime all together,” stated Angela Becker, Network Administrator for the Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD). KUSD is the third largest school district in the state serving over 21,000 students annually and with over 3,900 staff. AWI also boasts Fortune 500 companies such as Crate & Barrel, True Value, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Rockwell Automation and more.

Asked about current challenges in WLAN technology, Morin acknowledged the confusion surrounding the upcoming 802.11ax (WiFi6) standard. He stated the standard is expected to be finalized by late 2019 or early 2020. He praised Extreme Networks for introducing their new AP500 series 802.11ax access points based on silicon that has been confirmed to support the upcoming standard. “There were companies rushing to market, releasing products only to find their chipsets are now not capable of supporting the 802.11ax standard. Being first is definitely not best when it comes to Wi-Fi access points,” added Morin. Morin also acknowledges the excitement surrounding Extreme Networks Artificial Intelligence (Ai) WLAN subscription service. “Many of our customers are able to secure budget for technology acquisition, but not for support resources and that is wereExtremeAI is able to solve our customers predicament. ExtremeAI constantly monitors a host of environmental, user and application variables in identifying issues and in most cases, resolves them automatically before the symptoms are experienced by end-users.”