Netjer Networks: Extreme Networks' Alpha Partners

Netjer Networks: Extreme Networks' Alpha Partners

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Xavier Martinez Elizalde Lugo, Owner & Managing Director, Netjer NetworksXavier Martinez Elizalde Lugo, Owner & Managing Director
Have you heard about a company that successfully operates across three different business lines—each one with different objectives and guidelines— simultaneously? Well, that’s what defines Netjer Networks. Started as an only-training partner, the company has also been functioning as a service partner and an integrator business partner for 18 years now. “We are extremely proud to say that we are one of the very few companies in the world—may be the only one— with a successful history to show for in running three business lines,” mentions Xavier Martinez Elizalde Lugo, the managing director and owner of Netjer Networks.

Netjer Networks has a prime focus on designing solutions to meet the client needs, whether it be consulting, implementation and technology integration, support for their operation or managed services. For the clients looking to enable network functionality in a virtual environment, the company delivers a robust NFV solution offering which encompasses the entire networking lifecycle. On the other hand, Netjer Networks help the companies in transitioning and consolidating product lines with software solutions by providing the ability to support a wide range of technologies with a high level of specialization in every single one. One of the main elements that help Netjer Networks in being flexible is their partnership with Extreme Networks. “Through this collaboration, we have had an extremely differentiated solution because we can exploit all the available functionality, making the investment in Extreme one of the most effective in the ROI analysis,” states Xavier.

Further, the consistency and maturity of the Extreme Networks’ feature-set enable Netjer Networks’ clients with efficient functionalities with less investment in third-party components.

Providing highly-customized and feature rich solutions through its partnership with Extreme Networks

Netjer Networks also runs a program with Mexican Universities where it delivers Extreme certification training for the students. This is a combined effort between the company and Extreme to help the students and generate valuable resources for the market. “This program has no cost in any way for the University and/or the students, this is a joint contribution from both companies to generate a positive impact into the community,” mentions Xavier.

What really differentiates Netjer Networks apart is its high level of expertise in technology, and certified technical training with international standards. The company offers a wide range of products and services that adapt to customer needs from sales, leasing, integration, managed services and the cloud, providing greater added value through administrative and operational processes optimized in accordance with industry standards— defining long-term relationships with the customers, suppliers and associates.

Having carved a unique niche, Netjer Networks is evolving with an offering of a BiModal Managed Service designed to model, measure and show the direct impact of the service delivered by the infrastructure into the customer’s results. With its BiModal Service Offering, IT and Telecom departments will have the capacity to show in an intuitive dashboard the online impact of IT into the business outcomes and results, in words that the CEOs, CFOs and Board of Directors need and understand. Further, with the Extreme Networks’ offering of Wi-Fi 6, the company will have a powerful and secure option for its customers in the near future as this will allow them to effectively support its customers moving to deliver results. In addition, Netjer Networks is also permanently adding components to its Software Defined Offering. “Today we can count with SD-LAN, SD-WAN, SD-Storage, SD-Security to mention some. Our market is in the process to increase the demand, and we are ready with a full solution offering,” concludes Xavier.