RT4: A Customer-Centric Approach to Business Communication

RT4: A Customer-Centric Approach to Business Communication

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Dafne Meymar, Director & CEO and Mario Omaña, COO, RT4Mario Omaña, COO and Dafne Meymar, Director & CEO
A satisfied consumer base is the lifeblood of all successful organizations. Across industries, the position of an enterprise in the marketplace is determined via reviews and ratings, and thus, every organization places their utmost importance on the end user’s opinions. Given that a customer’s brand engagement is as important as the quality of the products or services offered by a company, businesses are always striving to strike an impact within their respective industries by offering the most engaging customer services.

Helping businesses achieve this vision is Mexico-based RT4. Led by one of the early pioneers in the field of business communication, Dafne Meymar, director and CEO of RT4, places a great deal of emphasis on holistically improving CX. “CX should not just be restricted to the functionalities of contact centers alone. Every department of an organization—from sales to marketing teams—needs to work hand-in-hand to offer a better experience to customers,” she says. And in order to achieve this, companies need more streamlined, coalesced communications, and networking systems. This is where RT4’s forte lies. To provide companies with a new level of agility in their internal and external communications systems, RT4 partners with networking incumbents like Extreme Networks and Avaya to offer the most sought-after business communication solutions.

Founded in 2008, RT4 is a Black Diamond partner of Extreme Networks and a highly certified Avaya telecommunications expert, providing solutions to help organizations implement and integrate cutting-edge networking solutions. “With Extreme Networks’ Fabric Connect solution, in particular, we have expanded our horizon of CX and digital networking solutions and services further,” says Mario Omaña, COO of RT4.

With Fabric Connect, in particular, we have expanded our horizon of CX and digital networking solutions and services further

To manage IT workflows and offer leading-edge communication solutions, RT4 has segmented its offerings into distinctive business units that cater to different networking requirements of its clients. For instance, one of the business units is specifically orchestrated to work on expanding the networking capabilities of contact centers. Through its partnership with Avaya, RT4 has been able to leverage new communication technologies to streamline networking services for contact centers and augment other telecommunication services like social media data throughput, which is helping companies generate more sales leads. Simultaneously, RT4 reserves a special faction of its offerings to help companies integrate Extreme Networks’ Fabric Connect solution better. Lastly, RT4 ensures that all its business communication systems operate effectively by offering round-the-clock customer support.

Omaña recalls another case study of a federal government agency that reached out to RT4 to improve their intra-organizational communication. “The customer required a system that could maintain a continuous flow of information from one branch to another while ensuring that data was transferred securely to its intended destination,” he says. Leveraging Extreme Network’s Fabric Connect solution, RT4 was able to relay the necessary datasets and information to the correct departments without the hassles of cross-or miscommunication. “The government agency was able to implement the solution easily and with RT4’s one-time enterprise edge configuration, and the customer greatly appreciated our agility in delivering end-to-end support,” adds Meymar.

Such success stories are a testament to RT4’s innovation posture in the business communication space. Treading forward, with a strong focus on organizational growth, RT4 plans on conducting extensive in-house training for their engineers to advance and stay fully adept with the new IT trends. “We actively communicate and collaborate with our customers and partners, who in turn, motivates us to continually evolve our solutions to offer more sophisticated CX in the future,” concludes Meymar.