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A10 Networks, Inc: The A-One Network Securers

Top 10 Extreme Networks Solution Companies - 2019

Today, technology plays a greater role in advancing business goals, and enterprises are seeking to leverage the network as a competitive differentiator in order to accomplish digital transformation goals through software and applications. That being said, the networking space sits on a pedestal of constant change, and many organizational leaders are beginning to realize they need an agile infrastructure that can scale and adapt to support transformation initiatives if they are to be successful. Thus, we see a renewed focus on networking and infrastructure as a significant trend heading into 2019.

In the past, the focus in the industry has been on software and applications—experiencing an exponential rate of innovation and growth in those areas.  However, in 2019, we will see the pendulum shift to a renewed focus on network infrastructure; only it will be smarter and faster. This will be the year of intelligent hardware such as new multi-rate switches and next-generation Wi-Fi. It will signify the start of a network refresh cycle that will pave the way for new business opportunities and technological advancements. Specifically, deployments of hardware supporting 802.11ax wireless capabilities, which will serve as the foundation for an IoT-driven world. Simultaneously, the much-hyped transition to 5G will add to the push for infrastructure refreshes.

This year we will see a continued focus on ‘everything’ security—ranging from the network, IoT to wireless, data security, and many more. Vendors will flood the market with innovative AI/ML augmented security offerings, enhanced security analytics; faster breach recognition, and remediation. The aim will be to have greater collaboration between traditional networking and security vendors. Enterprises will seek to improve defenses this year by segmenting networks, deploying analytics tools with packet capture and robust filtering, and strengthening security policies.

Improving the experience for customers is the key to increasing retention, satisfaction, and sales. Thus, businesses view customer experience as a key performance indicator. Consequently, networks of 2019 will be smarter by leveraging AI/ML to learn from the users, their devices, and their applications, to deliver an increasingly personalized experience. By processing and understanding relevant data on how customers and their devices behave on networks, it will be easier to enhance network operations through automation, improving performance, user experience availability, and security.

Extreme network solutions deliver the agile, efficient, and scalable network infrastructure needed to provide new services without added complexity and cost. To help organizations select the best vendors and advance their Extreme Networks initiatives, a distinguished panel comprising of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, along with Enterprise Networking Magazine's editorial board has assessed and shortlisted Extreme Networks Solution Providers that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you “Top 10 Extreme Networks Solution Providers – 2019”.

    Top Extreme Networks Solution Companies

  • A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) provides Reliable Security Always™, through a range of high-performance application networking solutions and its partnership with Extreme Networks. The company helps organizations ensure that their data centre applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure. Founded in 2004, the company is based in San Jose, Calif., and serves customers globally with offices worldwide. The company's mission is to protect our customers with best-in-class solutions and services needed to win the cyberwar, to enable intelligent automation with machine learning to ensure business critical applications are protected, reliable and always available

  • Advanced Wireless, Inc. (AWI) enables the Internet of Things in 14 countries, utilizing industry-leading mobile computing, barcode, networking, video and VoIP solutions for partners in distribution, education, government, manufacturing & retail. AWI currently serves and supports customers in all 50 United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland, The Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom. From Crate & Barrel to Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Rockwell Automation, to True Value, Kenosha Unified School District and the City of Appleton, AWI has improved quality, productivity and outcomes while lowering its clients’ costs

  • Netjer Networks was founded in 2001 based in the Federal District, now Mexico City, with a focus on Telecommunications Engineering, Consulting and Value Services to be provided throughout the National Territory and in Latin America. What sets Netjer Networks apart is its high level of expertise in technology, certified technical training with international standards, a wide range of products and services that adapt to customer needs from sales, leasing, integration, managed services and the cloud, providing greater added value through administrative and operational processes optimized in accordance with industry standards, seeking long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and associates

  • RT4


    With accreditation for Avaya Edge Diamond and awarded as a Partner in Customer Excellence, RT4 is a leading provider of business network solutions, specializing in hardware and software customer experience services. The company’s team of customer-centric individuals helps organizations to install new software and hardware with agility, time-sensitivity, and affordability. RT4 accomplishes this by conducting comprehensive analytics to derive valuable business insights and determine the best solutions to improve the speed of network communications within the enterprise. Aside from their many in-house IT services and products, RT4 leverages the Extreme Fabric Connect networking solution to further expand their horizon of CX and digital architectures

  • Accucode


    Accucode is a technology integrator and software developer specializing in design, integration, acquisition, deployment, service, and support. It has expertise in a wide range of technologies, including mobile computing, networking, automated data collection, drones, 3D printing, scanning, and artificial intelligence. Clients across multiple sectors such as retail, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, utilities, and the government have benefited from its innovative solutions and robust installations. The diverse technology company utilizes several operational divisions to cater to the specific needs of its customers. Accucode has revolutionized the operations across various industries through its continuous innovation and custom-fit solutions

  • Carousel Industries

    Carousel Industries

    Carousel Industries has been assisting IT and business leaders to gain more clarity and confidence in their IT decisions. They provide integrated solutions that help businesses to drive innovation across a wide range of services and technologies. Carousel serves more than 6,000 clients and has been recognized by multiple publications and industry consortiums as a pioneer in technology integrator, managing services, and cloud solution provider. With their futuristic vision, Carousel focuses on redefining standards of excellence while pushing towards transformation

  • Central Technologies

    Central Technologies

    Central Technologies, Inc. is a Knoxville Tennessee-based technology services provider company. Central offers a tactical range of products linked to innovation that concentrate on education, government and business alternatives. Central's staff and contractors have served Southeast clients ' technology requirements for over two decades. Founded in 2011, Central Technologies offer better services and products associated with technology, but can also assist the organizations with operation scope. Central Technologies acknowledge that there is a budget for every organization, and they are here to assist other organizations in extending the budget as far as attainable

  • Data Network Solutions

    Data Network Solutions

    Data Network Solutions is a delivery technology service providing company which supports in solving customer's business needs. DNS is strategically situated all over the Carolinas with marketing and engineering headquarters spanning records from Virginia to northern Georgia. Established in 1999, Data Network Solutions continues to evolve business solutions in accordance with the transforming market. Furthermore, the technology service provider is dedicated to providing loyal assistance to customers. As it requires time to build client interactions, and that confidence is gained, but achieved by Data Network Solutions. Be its network infrastructure, information storage, enforcement, or safety; the company have the correct products, services, and experience combinations to obtain performance

  • Mark III Systems

    Mark III Systems

    Mark III Systems is a major supplier of digital and IT conversion alternatives with a lengthy and rich record of offering complete stack technology alternatives to North American companies. Founded in 1995, Mark III grants consumers a unique “full-stack” strategy to assist them in regenerating as well as optimizing core tech stacks in the datacenter. Employing almost 50 workers, Mark III Systems also twist and level statistics-driven piles for digital transformation in the data centre, cloud, and edge computing platforms. Moreover, for its robust servicing capability, many DIR agreements for the State of Texas have been granted to Mark III Systems through a variety of technology associates

  • Myriad360


    Myriad360 provides industry-leading technology solutions to transform and save the IT strategy, infrastructure, and business of the customers. The organization covers everything from safety to mobility, networking to cloud, and hardware solutions to managed services with top IT safety suppliers and in-house engineering, worldwide logistics and project management knowledge. The organization has a diverse group of technology experts dedicated to become fluent in clients’ unique business objectives to provide unique solutions. The team of specialist technicians, architects, project managers, and logistics experts understand all aspects of the client’s company. The organization can deliver the best solutions armed with this in-depth knowledge and an agile, rigorous approach